More planting

Some new additions to the garden last night and today. Bought some plants from Lowes last night and put them in the ground.

First was the Zucchini.  The tag said this was a Black Beauty variety.  The one container had about six plants in it so I just divided them into two clumps in that hopes at at least one survives from each.  If more than that survive, I’ll have to thin them later.

The cucumbers were similar but had more than 12 plants in there.  I divided them up into three clumps.  This variety was the Boston Pickler.

Now on to the tomatoes.  I bought six plants total.  Two were Beef Master, two were Park Whopper and two different cherry tomatoes this year.  I went with Sweet 100 again and also tried a new one.  Husky something.  I’ll have to go check and edit this post.

Started off with the weed barrier.

The planted the six plants.

Oh, also got a Sweet Basil as well.  Need fresh basil for Karen’s fantastic Bruchetta Chicken.


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