Another status update

Planted two new rows of Green Beans and a row of Sugar Snap Peas that I got from my uncle. As long as the summer doesn’t get too hot and dry, I think these should help to extend the harvest a bit.

Radishes are finishing up. Carrots are still growing, just very slowly. I have more lettuce than I know know to do with. Need to start having salad every night. Tomatoes are growing well and all have blooms and the Husky Reds have fruit. (See image below). Rest is doing well and I’m counting the days until there is more to eat.

Latest batch of radishes

Husky Red Cherry tomatoes

View of all six tomato plants

Radish, Lettuce, Spinach (all two plants), second crop of lettuce and finally Zinnias.  In order of far to near.

Green Beans

Snow Peas




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