After a week of vacation

Was away for a week on vacation and wow did things grow. The garden has moved into the ‘over crowded’ look.  Good news though, should have some peas and green beans ready pretty soon.  Peas maybe in a week and beans shortly there after.

The peas have really grown and there are a number of pods in there now.

Second crop of peas on the left (single row) and green beans on the right (double row).

Cucumbers are growing like mad.  Once again, I think I should have thinned them a bit more.

Tomatoes.  All plants have green fruit now.  Just a matter of time till they start to turn red.

Zucchini.  Just two plants there, but still looks like too many.

Green beans with flowers and the start of some bean pods.

Original planting of lettuce in the foreground with the carrots in the back.  Carrots are finally starting to grow so I probably should get them thinned before they get too big.

Finally, the second planting of lettuce with some zinnias in the back.


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