Caught the bastard!!!!

Here is a Tomato Horn Worm that left the damage posted earlier.  I’d like to think he was the only one, but I’m betting not.

I have memories of these little pests when I was a kid.  My brother and I would use them for BB gun target practice.  Green goo would just pour out.  Kind of gross to think about now but it kept us from shooting each other I guess.


2 thoughts on “Caught the bastard!!!!

  1. Matt, that thing is HUGE! I’m going to be very afraid the next time I go out and pick tomatoes! 🙂 Love your blog by the way! Am still eating zucchini crisp from the end of last week!!!!

    • Hi Amy, glad you are enjoying the blog. My initial goal is to log enough information so I can hopefully do a better job next year but it seems to be taking on a bit of different direction as well. Should be fun to see where it all leads. Glad you liked the zucchini crisp, have you had it before? I failed to give enough away and ODed on it this time. Still a bit left in the frig I can’t bring myself to eat. I’ll be ready for a batch again next summer though. 🙂

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