Tomato Recap

Now that the growing season has come to a close and the only thing left to do in the garden is clean up all the dead plants and rotten tomatoes, I figured it would be a good time to record some notes on how some of the selected varieties faired this year.

This post is going to be about the tomatoes.

First up Cherry tomatoes.  I planted two varieties this year, one plant of Sweet 100 (personal favorite for the past few years) and a plant of Husky Cherry Red (the newcomer).

Sweet 100

  • Huge plant.  Every year it grows taller than the fencing around the garden, falls over, breaks the stake, leans on the fence, breaks the stake holding up the fence, etc…  There are many pounds of tomatoes produced on a single plant.
  • As the name implies, this variety is a very sweet (almost candy-like) cherry tomato.  I have a couple co-workers who would eat a whole bag in a single sitting and I often snack on them while checking on the garden.
  • The fruit tends to be a bit smaller.  Perfect size to put in a salad.
  • Plan on planting this type again next year.
Sweet 100 Plant

Sweet 100 Plant

Sweet 100 Fruit

Husky Cherry Red

  • Much smaller plant, would be good for a container on the patio.  Was shorter and was easy to stake (might have been fine without).  Almost the polar opposite from the garden monster listed above.
  • Larger fruit.  I’d estimate on average about 25-50% larger then the Sweet 100.
  • Taste is okay but not nearly as sweet as the Sweet 100.
  • Probably will not plant this variety again next year but will instead try another new type.

As for large tomatoes, I also planted two different varieties but in this case there were two plants of each.


  • I wasn’t very impressed with the two plants I had of this variety.  They seemed to have a lot of troubles.  These were the plants that had branches that broke off.  They needed more support.
  • Plants didn’t get too tall, but they might have if I had better support.
  • This variety seemed to have a much more difficult time with the cracking (see previous posts).
  • The fruit wasn’t as large as that of the other variety.
  • Taste was fine.  Nothing special.

Beefmaster plant

Beefmaster broken branches

Park’s Whopper

  • Of the two, these were my favorite.
  • Very good producing plants, a lot of fruit on both plants.
  • Early season fruit was very large and made for a great BLT.
  • Taste was very good.
  • Plants held up well until late in the season when they started to develop some ‘leaf spot’.  By then I was getting tired of the garden so it wasn’t a big deal.  🙂
  • Would like to plant this variety again next year.

Park's Whopper Tomatoes


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