Just about time.

With the temperature getting above freezing and the precipitation falling primarily as rain, it seems it is getting to be about time to turn my attention back to the garden.  So… what to plant and when to get started.  Those seem to be the big questions at the moment.


When to start what

According to the newspaper this morning, late March and early April are good times to get a start on the cool season vegetables.  So, which cool weather plants will I try this year…

  • Peas.  Looks like these can go in the ground about as soon as it is dry enough.  I think I will aim for late March.
  • Radish.  Sure they are not a big hit with the family but it is nice to get something in the ground that will be ready quickly.  I’ll give these a try at the same time I plant the peas.
  • Greens.  Sounds like first of April is a good target to get some started.  I think I will stick with spinach and lettuce again.  I have unfortunately had limited success so far with the spinach.  Maybe getting an earlier planting will give some better results.
  • Carrots.  We’ve had too much fun with the annual family carrot harvest to pass this one up.  These seem to need to wait a tad longer, so mid to late April looks to be a good target date.
  • Broccoli.  I’d like to try broccoli but with limited space I just have trouble finding a spot for them.  Plus, the do better if started in the house and transplanted.  Having no good south facing windows and a cat that seems to eat what ever I start I am reluctant to try growing seedlings in the house again.


Other thoughts have been on how to get more room in the garden.  Or how to grow somethings outside the existing four beds.  To that end, I am tempted to try to grow potatoes in bags this year.  Gardener’s Supply Company is selling Potato Grow Bags.  I may give them a try.


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