Doing a little shopping

In return for filling out a survey for Gardener’s Supply Company, they gave me free shipping.  So, I figured it was a good time to start ordering some equipment for the coming season.

In the past I have used  those round wire tomato cages.  They worked okay, but the plants eventually grew taller than the cages and weighed enough to just fall over.  I then started to use the wooden stakes.  These offered a bit more support for the taller plants, but again, sometimes the tomatoes (like the Sweet 100 Cherry) would still grow taller than the stakes.  I also noticed that towards the end of the summer, the plants would be so heavy that the extra weight of water from a summer storm and the wind would snap the stakes.  Last year I bought two new tomato supports.  I talked about them briefly here.  They worked okay.  I liked how I could adjust the cross-braces to better support the tomato branches.  Again though, in the later part of the summer when the plants were heavy with tomatoes, I noticed the plastic cross braces having trouble staying in place.

So… this year I am going to try something new.  I ordered two sets of the stacking tomato ladders.  A bit pricey, but they should last longer then the wooden stakes.

Next up was a way to support the cucumbers.  I’ve been watching this cucumber trellis but wasn’t able to get one last year.  I used a 4×4 decorative fence last year and it did okay.  I think I will use this for the peas instead.  Add one cucumber trellis to the cart.

Finally, I have been wanting to grow some potatoes.  Trouble is they take up a decent amount of space and take a while to grow.  Enter the Potato Grow Bag.  I added two of these and will see how they work this summer.

Next I’ll be ordering the seeds.


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