Slightly off topic… Pine trees

We have (had even more when we moved in) a number of pine trees around our house.  Unfortunately, ever since we moved in we seem to be having trouble keeping them alive.  Every year or so, we lose one or two.  The previous owner had planted too many of them all too close together.  This past fall we had a number of them removed in the hopes of helping the remaining trees.  So far, we have only planted one replacement with plans to add at least two more this spring.

I’ve noticed two odd problems while walking the yard the other day.  The first is the new replacement blue spruce doesn’t seem to be doing too well.  It is a couple years old now but doesn’t seem to be growing.

Second problem is with the trunks of the existing trees.  The lower branches were trimmed in order to provide better circulation, although, if I knew they were going to trim them this high up I would have opted to not have this done.  A few of the trees have this odd crusty ooze now on their trunks.

If anyone has some thoughts, I’d love to hear about it.


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