Some additional planting

I’ve been very busy with work lately but did manage to get two more vegetables planted in the garden. First, my Sugar Snap Peas finally arrived and I was able to get two rows of them planted on Monday night (4/18/2011). The second planting this week was a row of radishes last night. The weather here this spring has been full of rain. There have been very few days dry enough to actually get outside. I think this is one of the nice benefits of having a raised bed garden. Not only does it allow the soil to dry a bit quicker, I can work in the garden without actually having to step inside of any of the beds.

Finally, for any of you interested in more of a detailed list of when certain vegetables have been planted, I have started a separate page which will list all of the details in one location. No more searching through all of the blog posts looking for when I planted peas or carrots. I hope to have time to not only update the table when I plant, but also record when the plants first start to emerge, first harvest and finally when I feel I can remove the plants and make room for something else. If you are interested, feel free to check out my Planting Calender.


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