Tomatoes in April

I know, I know. Planting tomatoes in the garden on April 26th is a very bad idea. See, here’s the problem… This is the first year I have ordered tomato plants online. I liked the ability to select the variety I want. So, along with my seeds, I ordered some Heirloom Brandywine tomato plants from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery.  I was under the impression that they would ship me the plants when it would be appropriate for me to plant them in my region.  Generally, a good time to plant tomatoes for my area would be mid-May.  Imagine my surprise when the plants arrived about a month early!  What am I supposed to do with six tomato plants for at least three weeks?

I attempted to keep them in the house.  There are multiple problems with this however.  First, the family cat likes to eat them.  Second, I don’t have a good south facing window so that they could get enough sun.  Third, I think they have already outgrown the cells they were in and needed to be transplanted.

So, long story short, I planted them in the garden in an effort to see if they will survive.


Early planting of tomatoes


3 thoughts on “Tomatoes in April

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