Spinach finally arrives

The last of my seed order has finally arrived.  The Spinach arrived on Friday.  While I am glad it finally arrived, I would have liked to have had it about a month ago so I could have planted it according to he directions: “Plant when the weather is cool and the soil can be worked.”  Oh well, we’ll see how it does this spring.  I may have to try for a fall crop as well.

In addition to the spinach, I also went ahead and planted zucchini and two cherry tomato plants.  The perennial favorite, Sweet 100 and a newcomer “Large Cherry” were planted in the southwest bed.

As a result of the new plantings, I needed to also fence in the two remaining open beds.  The fourth bed, with cucumber, lettuce and now spinach is using the old fencing and posts from last year.  I don’t think it will hold up for another season so I will have to replace that as well at some point.

Be sure to check out the planting table for the latest dates and updates.


2 thoughts on “Spinach finally arrives

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