Memorial Day status update

The weather was sunny and hot for a change and it turned out to be a great three-day weekend. I spent quite a bit of time outside and a little bit in the garden. I picked up a Parks Whopper tomato plant (a favorite from last year) and a sweet basil at Lowes this weekend. In addition to planting the new tomato plant, I also tried to kill two of the frost hardy Brandywine tomatoes by moving them from their temporary home to the bed with the other tomatoes in the heat of the day.  After a vigorous watering, I think they may do okay.

We have been eating lettuce and radishes from the garden so far and the rest is mostly coming along nicely.  Speaking of which, I should get around to updating the 2011 calendar to show the first harvest dates.

For your viewing pleasure, below are a few pictures to mark the progress.


Peas are growing nice and tall



Lots of lettuce and radishes with the row of cucumbers in the back and late planted spinach in the front.



Five tomato plants



Eight potato plants. Not sure why the two far side plants are so much larger.



Two rows of green beans



Three zuccini plants



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