Bloom central

The garden is in full bloom. The rain and warm weather have really given the plants a nice boost. Almost everything is showing blooms.



Brandywine Blooms

Almost all tomatoes are showing blooms now.  Park’s Whopper, Sweet 100 and original and transplanted Brandywines.



Zuccini Blooms

The zucchini has grown quite a bit this past week.  I’d like to start seeing some small zukes soon.  I have a skillet with butter and Parmesan cheese already waiting.


Pea Blooms

The Sugar Snap Peas will be the first to bear fruit err.. vegetables.  I am hopeful another week or two and we’ll have our first pea harvest.


Green Bean blooms

The green beans have had to fight off a bit of a pest problem but they too seem to be coming on strong.  The second planting is now up as well.  If you are interested in all the dates, don’t forget to check out the planting calendar.



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