It was such a great day…

But then it wasn’t.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.  I really enjoy the first batch of green beans from the garden.  In my opinion, they really do taste so much better than anything from the store. Today was going to be the first harvest of green beans!  Turned out that there was a lot more beans out there than I expected.  From just the two 4 ft rows, I managed to pick a whole bowl full of nice looking green beans, just in time for dinner.


First harvest of green beans

Now that I have plenty of green beans.  It is time to head off to the kitchen to start dinner.  I had my sights on this recipe for Old-Fashion Green Beans.  Green beans?  Check.


Grean beans, ready for cooking

Next on the list… bacon.  Mmmmm, bacon.  Bacon should be right here…. just need a slice or two…  Hmm.  No bacon.  Short pause.  Oh well, I’ve made the beans without bacon before and they still taste good.

Next ingredient, brown sugar.  Mmmmm, brown sugar.  Brown sugar should be right here… just need a couple tablespoons… Hmm.  No brown sugar.  A little bit longer pause this time.  Oh well, they are still fresh green beans.

So, in the end, the first batch of green beans were cooked with a little bit of water and just a touch of plain old white sugar.  You know what… they tasted great.  Maybe it was a great day after all.


6 thoughts on “It was such a great day…

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