Garden status update

An update of where things are in the garden.  Lots of plants growing well and as is typical about this time of the season, a lot of overcrowding.  I really would like to add two more beds and space out some of the plants.  A prime example is the two zucchini plants below.  They really should just be in a bed all to themselves, but instead they are sharing it with two rows of green beans and some planned summer/fall lettuce.


Two zucchini plants. Lot of plant, so far, no zukes

Carrots are a little bit patchy this year, but the ones that have survived seem to be doing well.



Below is a picture of the only remaining Brandywine tomato that is still in its original planted position.  This guy survived the week or two in the house and the frost after planting.  I transplanted two of the plants to the other bed with the rest of the tomatoes and I ended up pulling a total of three.  This plant has a nice sized green tomato started.  Can’t wait for it to ripen.  Also in the picture is the spinach that finally grew.


The original, non-transplanted frost surviving tomato

The rest of the five tomatoes are jammed into a bit over half a bed.  I have not done a good job keeping them pruned and trimmed this year.  It is a bit like a tomato wild west out there this year.


Rest of the five tomato plants

The potato experiment is apparently going well.  The plants are quite large and most have started falling over.  I am worried that the new potatoes will start pushing up through the ground, so I have been thinking of mounding up some dirt around each row to provide them cover.


Pile of potato plants

With the hot weather and frequent rains, I expect the garden to continue to grow and take off.  I need to make sure I keep my eye on things and try and keep thing under control as best as I can over the next couple weeks.


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