It is time… Crisp Time!

I finally was able to make the time to take one of the giant zucchinis from the garden and slice it and dice it and make a zucchini crisp from it. For pictures and the recipe, check out the previous post on the subject ‘Zucchini Crisp Time’. Of course, any of you who read my post about making the green beans will be able to guess, again, things didn’t start off as planned. This time I was tripped up by none other than Lemon Juice. Contrary to the episode with the bacon and brown sugar, there was lemon juice in the refrigerator and I checked last week to make sure there was. Unfortunately, I must not have actually picked up the bottle to see how much was inside. Sad to say, a mere 1/3 of a cup was all that was there when I needed 2/3 of a cup. A quick dash to the grocery and the obstacle was overcome.

Based on some of the comments from the recipe site, I decided to try and alter the crisp a bit this year. This time around, I substituted one of the cups of flour for a cup of oats. I also added some chopped pecans as well. As I type, there are 24 min left on the timer, so we will know soon if those were good additions and substitutions.

For those fortunate enough to either be a coworker or a neighbor (or willing to make the drive), hunt me down later today at home or tomorrow at work for some crisp. I certainly can’t eat it all by myself.

*** UPDATE ***  Two thumbs up for the addition of the oats and pecans.  Very tasty.


The monster on the left was the maker of the crisp


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