All about Tomatoes!

The tomatoes are starting to ripen. It is nice to finally have enough ripening to eat right from the garden as well as for meals when needed. This weekend we are taking taco salad for a family reunion and was happy to be able to pick a handful of cherry tomatoes.


First Park's Whopper of the year.


Sweet 100's still on the vine


Picked cherry tomatoes for use in the taco salad


The Large Cherry Tomatoes are well... large.

The tomato plant that has been in the ground the longest is this large Heiloom Brandywine.  It has grown into a very tall and quite massive plant.


Giant Brandywine

Unfortunately, earlier this week the ladder support that was holding it up came loose in the soil and toppled over.  The skyscrapper of a plant took out the fence.  I was able to prop it back up and re-seat the ladder in the soil again.  I probably should tie it up just to be save.


Collapsed Brandywine

For those interested in sharing in the tomato bounty, if all goes well, I should have some to give out in a week or two.


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