Seeds are in the ground!

First planting is complete. I got a chance this afternoon to get some of the cool weather seeds planted.

Seeds included in this first planting are peas, spinach, radishes and lettuce. As you can see below, all but the peas are from Burpee’s. I was at Home Depot a few weeks back and on impulse I bought these seeds as a way to avoid the risk of what happened last year where I was waiting on my seeds and missing some opportunities to plant early.


Seeds used for the first planting.

While planting, I took a few more pictures.  I find it interesting to always be reminded how small some seeds are and how large the plant can ultimately grow.  Today the largest seed planted was the peas.  Even though the lettuce seeds are a fraction of the size, the amount of plant that is grown from one of these seeds is probably about the same.  Not quite as tall, but certainly more dense.


Pretty pink peas


All smoothed out and ready for spinach seeds


Tiny lettuce seeds


More tiny seeds - Lettuce blend


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