Impulse purchase and planting

Last Sunday, Karen and I were making one of our regular trips to Lowes. Even though the weather was chilly and crappy, I took a swing through the few racks of vegetable plants. On an impulse, I picked up a pack of Broccoli and a bundle of red onion sets.  I managed to get them in the ground the next evening after work.  Assuming the deer haven’t been hungry enough yet, they should be still there and waiting for the weather to warm back up.


Bundle of red onion sets


Broccoli variety planted

I wish I had taken a picture of the back of the info stick.  This one had a QR code on the back which once scanned linked to a a plant information sheet.  So, here is the page for the Packman Broccoli.


Two rows of onions


Four broccoli plants


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