Couple more things planted today.

Even though we have had very nice weather these past few days, it was hard to take advantage of them. One kid had her tonsils and adenoids removed and the other two kids and I came down with a bad stomach flu. Throw in a cat peeing on the living room couches and it has been a trying week.

Enough of the non-gardening complaining. Tonight I made it out to the garden and got the cucumbers and a grow bag of potatoes planted. Nothing too exciting with the cucumbers so I will spend my time talking about the potatoes.

I had bought two grow bags from Gardeners Supply last year but never used them. Being only slightly more prepared this year I got the time to get one started.  Step 1, read the planting instructions.


Potato Grow Bag instructions.

Seems pretty straight forward.  I have since learned that one of my mistakes from the potatoes last year was in failing to continue to mound up the area around the plant as it grew.  I think that this was a major issue with my low yield last year.

So, following the instructions, I fill the bottom with some soil.  Add potato seeds (spuds?) and cover them up.  The bag is a little less than half full now.  Will add more soil once the plants reach the 8 inch height.


One bag, four potatoes.

Seems easy enough and so far at least it appears to be an easy way to grow potatoes if you don’t have a lot of space or good soil.  I have enough left I will try and plant some in the garden beds as well, but since I bought these grow bags I figured I better give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Couple more things planted today.

    • Thanks David! A very helpful link! I noticed there was also a mention of growing Sweet Potatoes in a bag. Maybe I’ll give that a try next year.

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