All planted

Last Monday and Tuesday (5/14 and 5/15) I managed to get the last of the first plantings in the ground.  As you can see, I am starting to fall behind on my posts.

Final additions to the garden were a basil plant which is needed along with the homegrown tomatoes to make the ever tasty bruschetta chicken.  Two mounds of zucchinis.   They get a whole bed to themselves this year so I better not hear any complaints about overcrowding and insufficient airflow.  Three more tomatoes, two Parks Whoppers and one Super Sweet 100.  I’ve been a fan of the Sweet 100s for a few years now and can’t wait to see what makes these Super.  Because of the troubles with the first planting of Lima Beans, I planted another row and a half in one of the new beds.  I hope these fair better than the first attempt.  Finally, I planted the rest of the potatoes.

Whew!  Didn’t take long to fill up those two new beds. I’m already thinking I could use two more! 🙂


Two zucchini in the near bed and a basil in the far.


Three new tomato plants. Two Parks Whoppers and a Super Sweet 100.


Two rows of potatoes

Trying something a bit different this year with the potatoes that are in the bed.  I first dug a deep trench and then planted the potatoes a few inches below the bottom of the trench.  My plan is to fill the trench as the potatoes start growing.  Hopefully this will give them more room to produce more potatoes.


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