Second phase of capital improvements completed

The second phase is now complete. What good are two new beds if the rabbits and deer will continue to ravage the vegetables growing in them. So, this year I added a fence to surround the whole garden. The fence installed is a Jaguar Fence. I don’t really have a jaguar problem but at about six feet high it should keep the deer out.  I didn’t spend too much time taking pictures of the installation, the company website does a pretty good job of explaining what you get and how to install it if any of you are interested.

Thanks to my wife for making the fence an early Father’s day gift.  If it wasn’t for her, I would still be debating the price and continuing to be stuck in the indicisive state of whether I could find a cheaper solution.  Even though it took a little bit of time to install, it was far simpler and more certainly will be longer lasting and better looking than any of my ‘cheaper’ solutions.  I like the fact that this fence really blends in with the background and is less noticeable from the house than the other contraptions I put up the last few years.


Ethan helping with the construction


At the gate


Garden protected. At least from deer and rabbits. Click image for high res view.


From inside the garden in the far corner.


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