Most of the garden is taking off

Just a quick little update as I enjoy the wonderful weather this evening.

First planting of green beans are blooming.

Second planting of green beans are sprouting from the ground.

Potatoes in the raised bed are growing like crazy while the ones in the bags are growing, just not at the same rate.

Zucchini are taking off and I expect some blooms soon.

Lima beans… Well we will just wait and see. I have not had much luck with them.

Brussels sprouts are starting to look well established. I think I may need to try and thin them one more time before they get too big.

Tomatoes are growing well and all have blooms. Parks whopper and Super Sweet 100 have small fruit. (see pic below)

Cucumbers are off to a slow start. There are four plants. They are not growing much. Hopefully the warmer weather this week will get them climbing.

Broccoli is doing well. All four plants now have a head started. A picture of the largest one is below.

Final update goes to the peas which now have a few pods.


First sign of pea pods


Baby green tomatoes


A bit bigger broccoli


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