Garden autopilot

I was away for a week on vacation and left the garden on autopilot. The vacation was fun and eventful but since this is a garden blog and not a vacation blog, I better just stick to the garden update.  All in all it faired pretty well.  For water, there was little rain for the week and temperatures were in the 90s.  Before leaving, we got a water timer and stretched a hose out there with a sprinkler.  I had it set to water every three days for an hour at 8am.  Maybe not optimal, but it served its purpose of keeping things alive.

A couple of things were poorly timed with my absence however.  First up is the broccoli.  The one furthest along was close enough before I left so I chopped its head and threw it into the refrigerator before leaving.  The other three went to flowering by the time I got back.


Too late for the broccoli

The peas were in a similar situation.  I managed to pick a small bag of pea pods before leaving.  Upon returning, this is what I found.  The plants again got tall enough that they out stretched their supports and began falling over.  Perhaps next year I should invest in some taller pea fences.  I did manage to harvest a couple bowls of mostly too mature pea pods after returning.  I’ll post more about them soon.


Collapsing pea plants

The onions looked like they were steam rolled while I was gone.  There were a couple doing this before I left, but now all but a couple have fallen over.  After doing a quick bit of research, it appears that this is what they do when they are about done.


Flat onions

I dug up one of the larger onions to see how it looked.  This one is a bit smaller than a tennis ball.  I’ll leave the others in the ground for a bit longer and see if they do anything else.


Harvested red onion


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