A few interesting things about Lima Beans

I learned a few interesting things about Lima beans this year.  So far, only the sole surviving plant from the first batch planted has produced pods for harvest.  Unlike other beans and peas I have grown, a single plant is enough to make a meal.  The pods produced from the first plant was enough for a couple servings.  Below is a picture of the harvested pods from the first plant.


Bean pods from one plant

There is a bit more work involved with Lima beans as they need to be shelled first.  Below is a picture of my prize pod with its four beans.  Most had two with a few having three or one bean inside.


Removing the beans from the pod

One of the most interesting things I discovered while shelling the Lima beans is that the pods would ‘bleed’ a bit when split at the tops.  It was a bit tough to get a good picture of it, but you can see an example in the picture below.


Bleeding Lima Bean Pods

So, how did they taste?  Well, this first meal was a bit of a failed test.  I prepared them by just boiling them in some water for about 30 – 45 minutes.  Trouble was, I was a bit too distracted by the other things being cooked that night and I might have let the pot run almost out of water. The beans were just a little burnt by the time I found them.  I finished preparing them with some butter, salt and pepper.  In the end, even though there was a hint of a burnt taste, I actually thought they tasted pretty good.  They were not as well received by most of the family but I will hold out hope that they will fair better next time.


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