Potato and carrot harvest of 2012

Today was the day the family gathered in the garden for the harvesting of the potatoes and carrots. We’ll start off with the not so great carrots.

This year was a bit of a struggle with the carrots. The first planting failed to come up. The second planting did manage to emerge but in the end there was only five plants left. The hot and dry summer didn’t help, especially with planting the second group so late. ¬†Nevertheless, the kids had fun pulling them from the ground.


The kids with the lackluster carrot harvest

Now for the potatoes. There were three plantings of red skin potatoes. Two grow bags purchased from Gardener Supply and the third was two rows in the new northwest garden bed. I have to admit, I was expecting a better yield from the potatoes planted in the garden, especially since there was about three times as many plants in the beds as were in each bag. In the end, I got about as many potatoes from the garden bed as came from each of the grow bags. Pill bugs were getting to the potatoes in the garden bed as well which knocked down the total some.


First potato spotted


Julia grabs the first one


All three kids start digging


Results from the two rows in the raised bed


Digging through the upturned grow bag


Results from the first potato grow bag


Results from the second potato grow bag

Best part of the harvest was having vegetables from the garden to add to the crock pot for the pot roast dinner. Carrots, potatoes and onions all from the garden this year.


All from the garden. Potatoes, carrots and onions


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