The garden is weather station enabled

After some waiting and more waiting on the replacement thermometer/hygrometer/wireless transmitter for the new weather station, it finally arrived today.  I replaced the bad part and very quickly did a test to make sure everything checked out.  Much better results this time.

I did a quick and dirty job of installing the station on one of the corner posts of the garden.  Just used some wire ties to strap it in place.  It was a damp cold out there and I will work to do a more permanent installation when it warms up a bit.

I was happy to see that the console is having no troubles reading the sensors from the kitchen.  This should open up a lot of possibilities for placement of the console and for me to figure out how to get the data ultimately posted up here on the blog.  One step at a time though.

I’ll try and grab some pictures of the setup next time I got out.  Until then, signing off from the garden where the temp is currently 26.6 F with the winds of 2.2 mph out of the northeast.


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