End of winter survey

Once again the winter was hard on the raised beds.  Last spring I repaired two of the original four beds.  This year, another of the unrepaired beds broke containment.  When the weather warms up and the ground dries out, I’ll attempt the same repairs again this year.  The two done last spring seem to be holding up pretty well, so I think I’ll just do the same again to the remaining two.  I expect these repairs will be sufficient until the boards for the sides completely rot through.


Another garden blowout

The southwest corner of the garden is the low spot and it is clear from the picture below that I will definitely need to add some gravel this year to the expanded walkways around the beds.  It is quite soggy this spring.


Need more gravel

I’m really anxious for some warmer weather so I can get out there and get some of the work done.  It will be nice to return to the garden after the long, cold and snowy winter.


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