Seeds finally arrive… Barely.

Today I received my first of the three shipments from Burpee today. This is the replacement shipment from the first one which was damaged before it even got here. After seeing the way the items were packaged, I can see why the first one didn’t make it. As can be seen in the picture below, the poles from the bean tower didn’t fit in the box and were puncturing a hole in the end of the box.


Damaged box

I was concerned that there would be missing parts. Each time I moved the boxes in the garage, a pole would slide out. Fortunately, all the parts were present and accounted for. I was a little disappointed that the seed packets were just added to one of the bean pole boxes. They were wrapped up in some white paper (you can see it in the picture below). The parts for the tower had torn the paper and some of the seed packets were lose. In the end, all but one packet of seeds made the journey. I was disappointed to find a note saying that one of my lettuce seed orders was out of stock for the season. I’m sure it was in my first shipment, but I’ll miss out on it due to the packaging problems.


Contents of one of the packages

Below is a shot of the various parts that came with the two bean pole towers. I’ll post some more pictures of them when it comes time to put them together and get them set up in the garden.


Pieces and parts for two pole bean towers

Now all I need is some warm, dry weather and a nice weekend to get out in the garden and start getting things ready for planting.


Array of seed packets


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