Good to be back working in the garden

Even if it is just doing repairs.  Saturday turned out to be a really nice day and I took advantage of it to do some repairs in the garden.


Removed soil from busted bed wall

In addition to the busted sides at the middle post, I have also had trouble with soil leaking out the bottom of this bed on the east side.  The ground slopes down on this side and when I built the beds, I made them level which left a bit of a gap on this end.  Afterremoving the sod last spring to install the fence, it served to only make this issue worse.  As can be seen in the next two pictures, there was quite a gap now.  It was very apparent once I removed the soil around the inside edge.


Soil leak – As viewed from the inside of the bed


Soil leak – As viewed above on the outside

To repair this problem, I dug out one of the old side boards left over from when the beds were constructed from the garage.  I cut a section to the correct length and placed it on the inside.  Seemed like a simple enough solution.


Patched hole from the inside


Patched hole from the outside

Once that was repaired, it was time to replaced the soil.  Below is a final shot of the repaired center post with the supporting 2×2 spikes.  I opted not to dump any Quickcrete in the hole this time.  Chances are the boards or posts will rot away in the next few years and I will have to replace the whole bed anyway.


Straightened center post with supporting 2×2 spikes

To complete the day, here is a picture or the bed all patched up.  Looks a lot better than it did in the Winter Survey Post.


Back to ship shape and ready for the season


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