P-Day 2013

Today was Planting Day! The 2013 season officially started today. But, before I could get some seeds in the ground, I had to first finish off the garden repairs. All of the original garden beds have been repaired with only a few of the posts remaining unbraced.  The beds should hold for this year and we’ll see if any new repairs are needed next spring.

As for the planting, below I will hit the highlights and show a few pictures.  As the year progresses, you can track the full details of the season on the new 2013 Garden Planting Page.

First up is the planting of the Sugar Snap Peas. Before getting these in the ground, I needed to first complete the construction of the pole tower. The tower assembly was very easy and should provide additional head space for the peas that the fence used in years past did not provide. I planted three seeds at the base of each string. I’m wondering if I should thin that to two plants per string if all three emerge.


Pea tower base


Pea tower with top added


Fully assembled pea tower

Other early plantings were radish, spinach, romaine lettuce and salad bowl lettuce.  This year I am trying again to do a better job of managing the space and increasing production.  We always have way more lettuce than we can eat and half a row usually goes bad before we get to it.  So, this year, the plan calls for shorter rows of lettuce, radishes and spinach with the remaining space being reserved for later plants that start small but eventually take up a lot of space.  In this case, the four smaller sections are reserved for tomatoes.  The idea being, that once the tomatoes start to get large and take up a lot of space the lettuce and other early vegetables will be done or near enough.  This seems a bit like the Square Foot  Gardening.  How that I have actually had to look up the site so I could link to it, I’ll give it a read and see if it is something I might want to incorporate into my garden.


Gardening by the not quite square foot


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