Two tons of small river rock

Or also known as “Ohh my aching back”.  After all the new construction last spring, a number of new garden walkways were created.  I was out of steam (and had already spent enough money), so I left the spaces between the beds and around the perimeter as bare dirt.  With the recent rains, the walkways were getting pretty muddy and the weeds were getting off to a fast start.  So, with an 18% off coupon and a weekend that was dry, partly sunny, and not too nice to be booked with fun family activities, I decided it was time to take knock this off task off the list.

After some calculations, it looked like 2 tons of Small River Rock from the local mulch/landscape provided should do it.


Two tons of Small River Rock


Graveled Walkways


Hired Help


Finished Path


Adding the finishing touches

In the end, the job took about 2 hours to complete.  Having someone in the garden helping make the job go a lot quicker.


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