Pesky little pests

Last spring I took care of the big pests with the installation of the perimeter fence. So far, no complaints as it is held up well and kept the large pests out.

This spring, my challenge has again been pests, but no fence will keep these out. This season it has been those roly poly pill bugs. (Officially known as Armadillidiidae)  They have been eating a number of the seedlings as they emerge from the ground.  I don’t know if it is this pest, or the fact that Spinach hates me, but once again this year, I have but a single remaining spinach plant.  I am starting to think that it may be a favorite of some pest and gets eaten before it can get established.  I did a bit of research and this forum thread at Garden Web was helpful and provided a lot of interesting information about other gardeners experiences   Below are a few pictures from the garden a couple days ago when the ground was still wet and the damage fresh.


Poor wounded radish

In the picture below, if you look closely enough, you can see a few pill bugs all rolled up as well as an evil slug moving on to its next devastating meal.


Caught… Red handed! Or.. would that be Red multi-footed?

To combat these new pests, I have sprinkled some Natria Snail & Slug Killer around the perimeter of each garden bed.  Within minutes I was able to find a few of the pellets already being attacked by the pill bugs.  Because these pests are not usually pests, I don’t intend to battle them any more than necessary.  Once the seedlings are established I’ll hold off and just keep an eye on the garden and spot treat if I see any problems.


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