Winners and losers

I had a bit more time to spend in the garden tonight. I would like start off by extending a warm garden welcome to a few of the newcomers. Most recently we have seen the emergence of the lima beans. Below is one of my favorite scenes with plants. The Herculean effort to burst from the ground. I remember as a kid seeing soybeans lifting huge amounts of soil in an effort to emerge. Below is a picture of one of the lima beans (albeit not as impressive) doing this yesterday in my garden.


Lima bean feat of strength


Large Lima bean emerging

I also snapped a couple pictures of some other recently announced arrivals. Here is a zucchini plant looking like it is ready to take over the garden.


Happy zuchinni

So, now that we have covered some winners, what is this about losers? With some of the extra time tonight I decided to take a closer look at the pole beans. So far, I have two plants fully emerged, one has a hump at the surface and a final one is a headless stem. Out of the approximately 24 seeds I planted, a measly four have made an appearance. Time for some exploratory digging. What did I find? Well in short…. Nothing. It is like I forgot to plant any seeds in 3/4 of the holes. While there were no bean seeds, I did manage to stir up plenty of pill bugs, earth worms and other subsurface critters. All that I can do is replant and hope these fair better than the first planting.

The other loser has already been discussed previously. Take what I just said about the pole beans and repeat with the substitution of sunflowers instead of beans.

Finally, while digging around in the soil around the beans I did come across this interesting creature. Sure looks like it could be a pest.


Pesty looking worm

Oh, and I found a king sized pill bug around the sunflowers as well.


King pill bug


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