And finally… Tomatoes

The tomato plants ordered from Burpee finally arrived and I wasted no time getting them planted in the garden.


Protective Packaging

I have to admit, I was impressed with the protective packaging of the plants.  Compared to the crushed box I received in the past, it was a welcome sight.  With the sun dropping behind some dark clouds, I needed to hurry up and get these new plants in the ground.  After about two plants in, the rain did come, but fortunately it wasn’t hard enough to postpone the planting.

As a recap, I planted nine plants ( I am sure too many and I will complain about crowding in a couple months).  There were three Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.  Three Brandy Boy hybrids which should make for an interesting experiment.  Finally, there were three Fourth of July Hybrids which should get me some tomatoes nice and early.


Freshly planted tomatoes


2 thoughts on “And finally… Tomatoes

  1. That would be nice. Perhaps that is the next geeky project to undertake. No power out there and would need to boost the wifi signal a bit. Hmm, maybe just do power over ethernet…

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