Memorial Day update from the garden

Just a quick status update for the garden. While a lot has been planted and all of the vegetables are growing, there still looks to be a lot more brown in there than green. Between this holiday and the next, I expect that to change quite a bit. Below is a quick picture of each of the beds along with a brief comment on progress of the inhabitants.


Northwest Bed

Northwest Bed:

In here we have the onions in the foreground and peas in the background.  Both are doing well and I think the peas should be blooming soon.


Middle-west Bed

Middle-west Bed:

In this bed is the cucumbers (foreground) with the green beans and a basil plant.


Southwest Bed

Southwest Bed:

Next up we have tomatoes in the foreground and along the left side of the picture.  In the bottom right is where the radishes were.  Up the right side is the Romaine lettuce, spinach and salad bowl lettuce.


Southeast Bed

Southeast Bed:

I’m going to have a crowding issue in this one.  Starting in the far left is two rows of Lima Beans.  Bellow them on the left is Brussels sprouts.  I’ll be thinning them down soon.  In the bottom right is zinnias.  Finally in the upper right of the picture is two more tomatoes.


Middle-east Bed

Middle-east Bed:

In this bed I have zucchini in the bottom left, carrots across the top and sunflowers down the right side.  I’ll drop those four zukes back to just two here in a bit.


Northeast Bed

Northeast Bed:

Last but not least is the most shaded of the beds.  Back here we have yellow squash across the top.  Those eight plants will drop down to four soon and I’ll add the fence I hope to get them to climb.  Below them are two of the extra tomato plants I couldn’t bring myself to throw out.  Nothing else in planted here but I plan to put in some more lettuce and spinach for a second crop.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day update from the garden

  1. Need to be careful about the middle-east bed. With the Zukes (sounds like Nukes). You might end up on someones list.

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