Slow poke beans and wind swept peas

This year I went with something new. After years in my own garden and decades before with my family growing up, I always had bush green beans.  This year I decided to go away from the bush beans and instead try the pole bean variety. It makes sense right? I am always complaining about not enough space and working to get my garden to go vertical. It is a wonder I haven’t made the switch sooner. However, at least so far this first year, the transition hasn’t been seamless. The pole beans just seem to be off to a slow start. First it was the poor germination rate. Whether that was as a result of the seeds themselves or a pest problem I can’t be sure. The replant seeds fared better but I still had seeds that didn’t make it to the surface (See the gaps in the right side of the pic below). The first planting (three plants survived) have been in the ground now for 30 days. The second planting has been 16 days. Below is a picture taken today and while the plants are growing, I had hoped to see more progress.


Slow start to the pole beans

Enough about the beans for now. The pea plants are now between 2.5 and 3 feet tall and have started to bloom this week. It is a bit windy today and I noticed the pea plants getting knocked around quite a bit. I’m wondering if the tower strings may not provide the plants enough support in high winds. Maybe I should consider going back to a fence next year. See a picture below of the blooming peas as well as them being blown around.


Pea bloom


Leaning Peas


One thought on “Slow poke beans and wind swept peas

  1. Since we split the same seeds, I think we got bad seeds. I had the same initial results as you. At first I thought the bugs ate them. But when I replanted indoors, not a single seed germinated after 11 days. I dug one up and it just fell apart. Today, I bought some new pole bean seeds at Lowes and poked them in the ground.

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