Bring on the blooms and other garden updates

Even though the tomatoes were just recently planted in the garden and haven’t grown much in stature, many have started to shoot out blooms. We’re still a ways off from picking that first red tomato, but it is nice to see progress being made.


First blooms of the year


More tomato blooms

In other news, I had a bit of an impulse buy today while at the local Lowes. They had a number of nine-pack Sweet Potato plants. Not having tried sweet potatoes, I picked up a pack and planted it in the space that was reserved for the second crop of lettuce and spinach.  The tag in this plant had a nice QR code which encoded a link to a website telling me more about the sweet potatoes I bought.  Here it is is all its glory.  Sweet Potato Webpage


Sweet potatoes

Finally, just a general view of the garden. To get a better one I should look like a dork and get the step ladder out and shoot from a higher angle, but this one will have to do for now.


The garden in early June


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