Full status update with a tour of the garden

Here is a big post. Essentially, the plan is to post a picture and brief comment on everything currently growing in the garden.


Sweet Potatoes

Not much change with the sweet potatoes.  Not much change from when I planted them, but they are still there and alive so that is good.  I expect to see a lot more growth as the summer heats up.


Spill over tomatoes

Here are the two tomato plants I didn’t really have room for but couldn’t bear to throw out.  Brandy-boy in the front and a Fourth of July in the back.  The Brandy-boy seems to be pretty happy back here even with the reduced amount of sunlight in this bed.


Yellow squash

Yellow squash is doing very well.  I down selected to just four plants, which is probably still too many for the space I have here.  So far, the plants have stayed in their own little quadrants, but I won’t be surprised if they begin to take over more space once the summer heat comes.


First sign of yellow squash fruit

I’m excited to try my first sauteed yellow squash and it this little guy holds on, it could be in a week or so.


Leaning tower of Peasa

The soil in this back bed is pretty loose.  Not the best for supporting the tall pea tower.  I think it should be okay as the bottom ring gives it something to rest on so it won’t topple over.  I picked a zip lock back full of peas on Saturday morning, probably enough for two meals.  I hope the plants keep producing for another week or two at least.


Wind swept onion patch

The last storm that passed through pushed all the onion greens over to one side.  It doesn’t seem to have effected the plants any.  I have a feeling we will have onions to last us all winter.



The cucumbers are finally starting to vine out and use the trellis.  I have had to take them and poke the plants through the holes to get them started, but in a week or so, they should all start making their ascent.


Pole beans

The beans are starting to make some moves.  One plant has finally grabbed hold of a string and climbed up about 4 feet.  A few others are showing signs of thinking of doing the same.  Again, another week should show a lot of progress.



The carrots are slowly growing.  I thinned them out so that they won’t be growing on top of each other.  Still pretty much a waiting game for these guys though.



After a rough start on the sunflowers, the five that I did get to grow are really starting to take off.  It should make an interesting study in the effects of longer sunlight as the near plant gets more sun than the far one.  Already you can see the height difference.



The zucchini have been thinned down to just two plants. Both seem to be doing well.


First sign of zucchini fruit

First sign of baby zucchini.  There seems to be a whole host of inappropriate jokes I can make about this picture, but I’ll refrain.


Super Sweet 100 tomatoes

Tomatoes have all been caged or staked.  Just waiting on them to grow and start shooting out tomatoes.


Romaine lettuce

The romaine lettuce has done very well this year.  I think it would do even better if I thinned it out and gave the remaining plants more room to grow.  We have been having a number of fresh salads so far this year, but not enough to really even put a dent in the amount of lettuce growing in the garden.


Brandy-Boy hybrid tomatoes in the foreground and Leaf lettuce in the back

Here are two more Brandy-boy tomatoes.  Again, not much to say be “GROW FASTER!”  I’m getting anxious for that first garden tomato.


July Forth tomatoes

According to the name, this variety of tomatoes should be my first ones.  They have about 3 weeks.  The clock is ticking….


Lima beans

The lima beans are a bit different this year.  This variety seems to want to climb.  I put in a fence to give them a little something to use and we’ll see how tall they want to go.  Hopefully not too tall.


Bussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts have been thinned down to just 6 plants.  Could still be too many for this space, but I’ll keep an eye on them as they grow and we’ll see.



Finally, we finish the garden tour with a stop at the zinnias.  There are two varieties here with the shorter ones on the right and the taller ones on the left.  There were a few buds when I checked on Saturday so I expect to see some color in the garden soon.


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