What a difference a week makes.

I was away with the family for a week on a nice vacation to Canada. We spent a few days at Niagara Falls and then a few more in Toronto before heading home.  Since this is a garden blog and not a vacation blog, I should get on with talking about the garden.  It was amazing how much everything grew over the past week.  I tried to do a repeat photo capture of the garden like I did just before I left for vacation.  Below are the shots with some comments if I have something to say.


Sweet potatoes – 1 week later

Glad to see they are still alive and green, not sure how much the plants are supposed to grow by this point though.


Spill over tomatoes – 1 week later

The Brandy Boy tomato in the foreground is actually liking this location here in the back of the garden.  Maybe it was a good idea to put him back here after all.  Then again, it is getting pretty crowded with the yellow squash right next door.


Yellow squash – 1 week later

Speaking of the squash, the plants are certainly getting bigger now.  I’m thinking four in this area is probably too much.


Squash fruit is getting bigger – 1 week later

It is nice to see some fruit growing and I plan to be eating one of these very soon.


Pea tower is still leaning – 1 week later

Even though I picked all the peas I could before leaving last week, the plant is loaded again.  Hope the family likes peas for the next few meals this week.


Onions are still a mess – 1 week later

A couple recipes on the menu for this week call for an onion.  I’m going to give one of these from the garden a go and see how they are doing.  They could probably use some space as the year goes on, so getting some out now won’t hurt.


Cucumbers have started to climb and bloom – 1 week later

I was very happy to see how much the cucumbers have grown.  There are flowers and even a few tiny cucumbers now.


Pole beans are finally looking better – 1 week later

The green beans are finally starting to really take off.  The leader of the group has out stretched the top of the tower as can be seen below:


Reach for the stars – 1 week later

This bean has high aspirations.


Bushy carrots – 1 week later

Not much to say about the carrots.


Sunflowers – 1 week later

The sunflowers have added a few inches.  I should put a yard stick in the picture to get an idea of how tall they are getting.


Zucchini – 1 week later

Sure glad I thinned these guys back to just two.


Baby zukes – 1 week later

I have a skillet with melted butter in this ones future.


Super Sweet 100 – 1 week later

No huge changes with these.  They are taller and have blooms.


Romaine Lettuce – 1 week later

I think the romaine is nearing its end.  Looking a little weedy.


Brandy Boy – 1 week later

Growing well with fruit to boot.  See blurry photo below.


Tiny Brandy-Boy tomatoes


Baby Forth of July tomatoes

Not to be outdone, the Forth of July plants also have some small tomatoes.


Forth of July plants – 1 week later


Crazy tangle of Lima Beans – 1 week later

I’m afraid of what this will look like in a couple more weeks.


Zinnias – 1 week later

This on the other hand should start to look wonderful in another couple weeks.  A number of blooms are present and should be full of colors soon.


Zinnia bud


Brussels sprouts – 1 week later

Not much to say about the Brussels.  Still growing.


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