I think I may be in trouble…

Three yesterday and another three more tonight. One was eaten for dinner tonight and at this rate I will swimming in these guys before the month is out.  If you start to find these on your doorstep, in your office or in your mailbox, it didn’t come from me. But, if by chance you do end up with one of these or their green cousins, I HIGHLY recommend the following Baked Zucchini recipe as a fantastic way to get rid of them.  If was a big hit with 3/5 of the family tonight.  Around here, that is about as good as can be expected.  I should have taken a picture but they were gone before I could get the camera out.


Five yellow squash in two days

In other news, I was having trouble with the rain gauge of the weather station since returning from vacation.  It seems to have gotten stuck and was not recording any of the two recent rains.  I got the step ladder out and removed the top funnel to check out the inner workings.  The little teeter-totter inside seems to have gotten stuck a bit.  I flipped it back and forth a bit and it seemed to loosen.  I tested it by then pouring some water in and it seem to be working as I could hear the click-click as the mechanism rocked back and forth.

While I was up on the ladder, I decided to go ahead and take the dorky pictures.  The first one is a panoramic shot of the garden at the southwestern corner by the weather station.  Be sure and click the image to see the entire view.


Panoramic of the garden

The second picture is of the garden from a bit of in the backyard.


Slightly elevated view of the garden


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