Maybe THIS is why my rain sensor isn’t working

After another missed rain today, I took a closer look at the rain sensor. Here is what I found.


View of rain sensor with cover removed

First off, I should explain what you are looking at and how the rain sensor is supposed to work.  The picture above shows what the rain sensor of the Ambient Weather WS-2080 looks like with the funnel cover removed.  Rain is collected by the cover and then funneled through the center to fill the side of the ‘teeter-totter’ that is up.  Once enough water is collected, the weight causes the collector to fall and allow the water to spin from the full side and begin being collected in the other side.  Each tip of the ‘teeter-totter’ measures 1/10th of an inch of rain.  It takes very little force to tip the sensor from one side to the other. When I removed the cover, the sensor was down on the right (where the spiders were).  I was surprised how much effort it took to toggle the sensor to the other side.  The picture above and the one below show the torn spider webs.  I am sure we’ve all heard of how strong spider webs are and in this case, it appears they were strong enough to keep the rain collector from tipping.

As someone who works with computers and writes software for a day job, it is very common for me to have bugs in the systems that prevent them from working properly.  In this case, it appears at least that the bugs in the system were actually of the Arachnid class and not my usual problem of faulty logic.


Close up of the spiders and their webs

Now that I think I have the issue resolved, I just have to wait for it to rain.  With the current forecast showing isolated or scattered storms for seven of the 10 days on the forecast, I should have a chance to get a test of the sensor.


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