Belated updates from the garden.

It has been a little while since the last update and the pictures and comments have been starting to pile up.  If has turned out to be a pretty long list so let’s dive right in.


Vegetable haul from the garden tonight

It was a pretty busy couple days, I have only been able to make it out to the garden after 9:00 pm lately.  Last night was a quick water of the garden and tonight was a grab what I could find that needed to be harvested.  It seems I have slid into a pattern of pick vegetables, give away what I can and cook what I can’t.  Next day, do it all over again.


First sign of a red tomato!

What is this I see in the tomatoes!?!?!?  Why… it is some red!  I do believe I will be eating my first Super Sweet 100 tomato of the year in a day or two.  The Fourth of July tomatoes are starting to show a ting of red as well so they shouldn’t be far behind.


Two of the Super Sweet 100 plants have red fruit

A view of the red tomatoes on the second plant.  On a side note, not a bad picture considering it was well after 9:00 pm and getting pretty dark.  The iPhone did a good job of making it look still daylight.


Zucchini Crisp ’13

As if today wasn’t busy enough, I went ahead and made the first Zucchini Crisp of the year as well.  I hope my coworkers wear their pants with elastic waist bands tomorrow.

If you are interested in making your own Zucchini Crisp, take a look at the previous blog entry where I go through it in a bit more detail.  The zucchinis seem to be in a bit of a stressed or otherwise unproductive state at the moment, so I am a little concerned that this might be about the end of the zucchinis for me.  There is one started so I’ll keep an eye on it and hope more will follow.


Drying onions

Here is an update on the onion harvest.  Above is a picture of the lot drying/curing on the deck.  It certainly has been hot and dry enough lately.  A few more days out here and then I’ll move them to the garage for a bit more.


Height comparison of the sunflowers

I have also been meaning to post a picture of the sunflowers.  Realizing that I really need a point of reference, I recruited some of my kids and an even taller neighbor kid to stand behind them.  I am starting to think that “I have made a huge mistake” in getting the Mammoth Russian variety.  According to the website, they grow 12 – 15 feet tall.  According to that, these are only around half way to their full height.  *gulp*


Wider view of the sunflowers and surrounding garden

For a different angle, here is the sunflowers in relation to the rest of the garden.  Man, I’m starting to think I better be watching out for the lion sleeping in that jungle. (Sorry, couldn’t help it).


First batch of green beans

The pole beans seem to be doing quite well.  We’ve had one meal so far with another picked tonight.  So far I give the pole beans a thumbs up.  The bean pods are longer than the bush variety that I have had in the past and much straighter.  I assume this is due to not hitting the ground and instead being able to hang freely and grow uninhibited.  I should get a picture of the bean tower as well.  It has been completely covered by the plants and they are growing over the top, intertwining with each other and then cascading back down the side.  Seems like they would grow another 5 feet if the tower was tall enough.


New favorite way to prepare zucchini and squash

While this picture was taken a week ago, this is what that the grill looked like again tonight.  Well, almost.  It was only yellow squash this time.  I cut up the squash, toss with olive oil, steak seasoning and some freshly chopped up basil from the garden.  Quite delicious.


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