Zucchini ICU

It is a sad day, both zucchini plants are sick and most likely dying. Both have been infected by Squash vine borer.  While they are both under closer observation in the garden intensive care unit, their prognosis is not good.


One of the murdering culprits


Another of the infecting borers


The sick patient

Unfortunately, this is not the first year for this problem and unless I get better at controlling these pests in the future I am afraid it won’t be the last.  Based on this information, “Often the first noticed sign of the problem is wilting of the vine, and it is too late for control efforts at that point” it seems as I should not have much hope for any more zucchini this year.


I’ve tried removing the dead and wilting stems and extracting the borers I could find.  My fear is that for the three or four I was able to find, there are two to ten that I was unable to find.


2 thoughts on “Zucchini ICU

  1. Those darned things got my zucchini last year! I later read where you shouldn’t plant zukes in the same bed the following year, so this year’s crop is doing better. If I start getting inundated, I’ll have Denny take some to work for you!

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