So… About those sunflowers

It seems like a good time to give a status update on the sunflowers. It is really hard to get an accurate idea of how big they are getting from just a picture so this time I brought out the measuring tape.  Below are a few pictures with the measurements.


Currently the biggest sunflower in the garden is just over 8 ft tall

According to what I have read, this variety can grow as much as 4-6 more feet (12-16 ft).  I’ll be surprised if mine get much taller.  The cooler weather we are having in July seems to have slowed a lot of the plants down.


The tallest also has the largest diameter stem.

These should make for some interesting cleanup come fall.


The leaves are no slouches either. Looks like a giant green heart.


A view standing under the sunflower canopy looking up

Perhaps I should plant a whole double row of these next year across the back property line for a summertime privacy fence.



2 thoughts on “So… About those sunflowers

    • That was a tricky picture to take. I hope none of the neighbors were watching as I tried to hold the tape up there in one hand and the phone in the other. I probably took 10 pictures trying to get one good enough to see the measurements.

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