Early August garden update

It has been pretty busy so far this August and I have had some trouble keeping up with the garden much less the blog. Two family trips and an ever expanding mountain of day job work is putting a strain on the garden time.

Enough complaining and on with the update. Tomatoes and cucumbers are the big items being pulled from the garden these days. It seems that there are new tomatoes every day and cucumbers every other day.  Below is a picture of the picked produce today.


Not bad for the days harvest

The tomatoes above are large Brandywine hybrids.  This are wonderful sliced up on hamburgers or in a nice BLT.  As you can see in the picture, the largest is softball sized.

The Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes have been a little slow this year, but they seem to be catching up now.  I seem to have a few to eat each time I visit the garden and get a bag full every few days.


Sweet 100s are starting to come along strong

The cucumbers this year have decided to sprawl all over the place.  They are planted in the middle bed but now have runners that stretch to both the front and back of the garden.  I should measure some day to be accurate but I estimate that it goes at least 10 ft in each direction.


Cucumber sprawl

The Lima beans are growing well and pumping out a large number of very large pods.  Sadly, now that I look at the picture below it doesn’t look as big as it does in the garden.  Maybe I’ll have to try for a different perspective later.


Sizable lima beans

Speaking of large, here is another shot of the sunflowers.  There are flower heads on each one now and they should be blooming any day now.


Towering sunflowers


Almost time


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