Rain, sunflowers and carrots

We got back from our third trip this summer. Like the previous one, it was just a few days but that is still enough for me to get behind in the garden. This post will cover three things, first up is rain.

While away, a pretty big rain storm came through. This made for a good test of my rain sensor accuracy experiment. At the end of July, I bought a cheap ($4) rain gauge while at Home Depot. I’m interested in getting some additional data points from which to compare the the weather station. While I know I cannot use either as ‘truth’ data, it still should be useful to gather and review the data. So, how did they compare in the big rain?

The Ambient Weather WS-2080 Rain Sensor recorded rain so far this month at 2.93 inches.  With the bulk of that coming Aug 8th (2.28 in).  As for the manual rain gauge, you can see what it recorded during the same time period in the image below.  To me, I say that looks like just about 3.4 inches of rain.  At this point, all I know is that they do not agree.  Perhaps one is more accurate than the other.  Perhaps one works better in hard downpours (which it looks like we had) and the other may be better at recording the steady or intermittent rains.  who knows.  I’ll keep both out there for a while longer and see if more data can clear up the discrepancy.


Rain amount recorded from ‘cheap’ rain gauge

Before leaving on our trip, I posted that the sunflowers were just about ready to bloom.  I am happy to report that in the three days of being away, they have indeed bloomed.  I am still waiting on the alpha (tallest and biggest) plant to bloom.  Once the they have all emerged, I’ll get the measuring tape out again (and maybe the step ladder too) and see how large the heads are.


Sunflower bloom


Two of the sunflowers

As a result of the heavy rains, the soil around the carrots was very loose.  So much so that we could just pull the carrots out without the need to dig around them first.  So, the great Burns Carrot Harvest of 2013 was held.  This year I got help from a number of neighborhood girls (and one boy) to join in the festivities.


Gabrielle pulling a carrot


A community event


Sampling the harvest

She could barely wait for me to get one washed before picking her favorite for a quick snack.  After her sample, she gave the thumbs up for this years crop.


2 thoughts on “Rain, sunflowers and carrots

  1. I have a carrot envy – all my rocky, clay soil will tolerate are Little Fingers. I have some Danvers in pots that are looking pretty good, but I have to exercise a bit more patience yet. I’m so glad to have found your blog through the WordPress “you might like” feature – and I am sorry for your grub troubles but heartened to hear I am not the only one having a capitol T Terrible year for squashes.

    • Hi Valerie. Thanks for visiting the blog and all the nice comments. For the carrots especially, the raised beds have made a big difference in my garden. I was pleasantly surprised how well the carrots did this year as I paid them very little attention. They were too close to the zucchini which was encroaching on their space.

      Happy Gardening!

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