Sunflower updates and other misc items

Most of the sunflowers are in full bloom (3 of 5). I finally had a chance to visit the garden in daylight and figured it would make for some better pictures and a measurement.  Once again a step ladder would have helped, but I like to do things the hard way.


Reminds me of a lion for some reason

This one made it simpler on me and has started to look down towards the ground.  The head of the sunflower is only about 6 feet off the ground now.

The leader of the group has also started to face the ground, but it is still around 9 feet up.  How big is the flower?  Check out the picture below to see a poor measurement attempt.


Hard to measure something up so high

The tape is at a pretty severe angle, so I am going to guess a bit and call that about 8-9 inches for the center part and a little over a foot if you go petal tip to petal tip.  Pretty soon I will have to start researching what to do with these.  I’d like to get a bag of sunflower seeds out of two or three of the heads.


Rare picture of the gardener himself

My wife happened to be out in the garden this morning and offered to take a picture.  So, in a first for the blog, here is a picture of me next to the tallest sunflower.  Heck, aside from the trees and the house, that might be the next tallest thing in the yard.

So, enough about sunflowers.  What else is going on in the garden.  The last few weeks have been another chapter in the bug battle.  This time it is worms eating the Brussels sprouts.  Below are pictures of the two types making the leaves look like (or even worse than) Swiss cheese.  Both appear to be different types of Cabbage worms.


Pesky work type #1 – Evergestis rimosalis

This first one looks a lot like a Evergestis rimosalis or more commonly known as a Cross-Stripped Cabbage Worm.


Pesky work type #2

This one seems to be an Imported Cabbage Worm known as Pieris rapae. These are much harder to spot as their green color is almost the exact shade as the leaf on which they are hiding. Also in the picture is my latest cabbage worm remover. A poke and twist usually makes quick work of the pesky problem.


Flowers as far as the eye can see… well sort of.

From this angle here, it looks like a flower garden and not a vegetable garden. The picture below shows the bed from a different angle and you can see how the zinnias are pushing hard on the Brussels sprouts.  Mental note for next year.. zinnias take up a lot of space.


Way too crowded

That being said, I do like the extra color to the garden with the zinnias.  Here is a good pink/purple colored flower with a nice red one below.


Zinnia closeup


A red zinnia


Butterfly checking out the red zinnia

Finally, there were a number of flying visitors to the garden today.  The bees and bumble bees were out in force checking out all the various flowers.  Above is a picture I was lucky enough to capture of a butterfly.  The snapshot I would have liked to get was of a hummingbird flittering from flower to flower and zipping about the garden.



4 thoughts on “Sunflower updates and other misc items

  1. Holy cow!! Those sunflowers are NOT messing around. And I just love a zinnia. I think they’re my new favorite flower – butterflies love them, the deer don’t like them, they last forever cut and on the stem and they’re so, so bright and colorful. I started out not wanting to “waste space” in the garden on flowers, but I’m so glad I came to my senses (at least on that point).

    • I agree on the zinnias. My wife has been getting a fresh bouquet a week for a good part of the summer. Deer resistance is a big plus around here as well. The new fence has done wonders for keeping out the big pests, but the rest of the flower gardens around the house are under constant attack.

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