The Battle for Brussels (sprouts)

The cabbage worms have launched a major offensive while my attention has been elsewhere and have resulted in devastating results.

I spent about an hour beating back the onslaught with my trusty screw.  I estimate removing at least 100 of the vermin.  In addition to physically dispatching the worms, I am also trying an insecticidal soap.  It seems to work on at least some of the worms.  Trouble is, they like to hide on the back side of the leaves, so I have to turn over each one, look for the worms and then either pierce them with the screw, or if there is a lot of them, soak them with the soap.  My hope is to remain vigilant and beat back the tide and let the plants recover.  Unfortunately, I have a poorly timed trip for work coming up that may give the worms some time to recover.  Hmm, maybe I need to sign up some recruits.


The damage is quite extensive


Brussels Sprouts or Swiss Cheese?


How many enemy worms can you find? (Click to enlarge)


5 thoughts on “The Battle for Brussels (sprouts)

  1. Yikes, that reminds me of trying to grow brassicas in atlanta. Have you tried BT powder? It works fairly well. It’s good because even though the dust is on top of the leave once they chomp on the leaf they ingest it and the bacteria then kill the caterpillar. Otherwise sounds like your technique should do the trick, just a bit more work!

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the comment. I have read about BT powder but haven’t picked any up yet. I may not both this year, but if I try anything in this family again next year, I think I’ll try and have some on hand.


    • Hi Valerie,

      I think I am at that point now. I think I may sprinkle a bit of Seven on the plants and see if I can beat the buggers back a bit. I’ll have to try for a more organic option next year and be better prepared.


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