September gardening

It was a wonderful September day to do some work in the garden.

The weather in Ohio can be pretty volatile.  We’ve been known to have some pretty harsh winters and some sweltering summers. This week give us a hint of both. On Tuesday (Sept 10th), the Garden Weather Station recorded the highest temperature of the year, 97 degrees*. In just four days (morning on Sept 14), the low temperature was a nice and chilly 40 degrees.  A swing of 57 degrees.  We also managed to finally get a little rain.  You won’t see it on the weather page though due to the return of the spiders gumming up the rain gauge again.

Despite all the changing weather, I am still getting tomatoes and cucumbers.  This has been the latest in the year I have had cucumbers still being harvested.  My family (and neighbors and coworkers) have been spoiled this year with all the fresh cukes.


Still getting cucumbers

I spent a couple hours in the garden today doing some of the clean up that I should have been doing over the last few weeks.  I removed a number of weeds, the two squash plants, the pole beans and dead leaves from the cucumbers, brussels sprouts and lima beans.  In the end, I filled a lawn back with discarded plant debris.  As can be seen in the pictures below, it was a great day to be in the garden regardless the chore.


Beautiful September day in the garden


September sky and sunflower


* The thermometer still reads a degree or two high when the sun is bright and hot.


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